Crazy season for advisers who prep client tax returns – Quoted at Investment News

At Padden Financial Planning, founder Sheila Padden made it easier on herself this year by bringing on a paraplanner “who loves tax preparation.” Now each tax return gets two sets of eyes on it, she said. “Tax preparation helps me with my tax planning work because it keeps me sharp,” Ms.Padden said. “The devil is in the details.” All of her regularly scheduled financial planning meetings from February through mid-April each year are tax focused. She’ll welcome her first post-tax-season meeting on April 20.

When Millennials Move Back Home – Quoted at The Wall Street Journal

I was recently quoted in a recent article by Anne Tergesen of The Wall Street Journal about the growing phenomenon of Millennials returning home to live with their parents after college. For parents, a child’s return often means an increased financial burden, just as the parents may be struggling to meet their own savings and retirement goals.

Quoted in The July 2015 NAPFA Advisor

I was recently quoted in the July 2015 issue of the NAPFA Advisor, by author Jennifer Lazarus in her “Efficient Planner” column. Jennifer’s topic is all about attending financial planning conferences, but she spotlights a few planners and talks a bit about how each approach attending industry events. It’s an interesting insight into how a good financial planner improves their skills and stays on top of industry trends. [More]

How to Tell If You Are Ready to Retire (Quoted in US News & World Report)

It can be difficult to know if you are truly ready to walk away from the steady paychecks a job provides. Most people’s finances would be improved by another year spent in the workforce, but you also don’t want to work for so long that you don’t have time to enjoy the things you want to do in retirement. Here’s how to tell if you are ready to leave the working world behind. By Emily Brandon of US News & World Report

Why You’re Paying Too Much in Fees (MoneyBeat – WSJ)

The typical adviser charges absurdly high fees to manage your money, often with mediocre results—but next to nothing to provide financial-planning expertise, which can be hugely valuable.

According to survey data gathered from more than 7,000 advisers by Cerulli Associates, a financial-research firm in Boston, 79% of advisers’ compensation comes from asset-based fees—which may bear little relationship to the services the clients use. (by Jason Zweig at [More]

Padden Financial Named among Top 13 Fee-Only Financial Advisors in Chicago

Padden Financial was recently named among the Top 13 Fee-Only Financial Advisors in Chicago, a list compiled by [More]