Sheila Padden featured on ACP’s “Practical Wisdom” podcast

Sheila was spotlighted on the most recent episode of the Practical Wisdom podcast, from the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP). Listen now. [More]

Interview with Marie Swift, CEO of Impact Communications

Marie Swift, Founder and CEO of Impact Communications, recently interviewed Sheila and asked about important topics for financial planning, including the “fiduciary standard”, reducing money clutter and what clients should look for in a financial planner. Sheila also discussed her current role as president of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP). [More]

Quoted in The Washington Post: Reducing Money Clutter

Liz Weston, writing for The Washington Post, recently spotlighted the issue of “money clutter” and how to reduce it. In the article, Ms. Weston surveys the top 5 ways to improve organization and reduce stress with recommendations from top financial advisors. [More]

Why I love being a part of the ACP Community – Video

Sheila discussed “Why I love being a part of the ACP Community” at the 2021 ACP Conference in Atlanta, GA, October 25-28, 2021. [More]

Quoted in WSJ: Maximize Protection from Inflation with I Savings Bonds

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted an often-overlooked low-risk investment that’s getting more attention with the current increase in inflation: the Series I savings bond, also known as inflation or I bonds. Sheila weighed in on this strategy, offering advice on how to maximize your I  bond benefit. [More]