Biggest Retirement Risks: Healthcare Costs, Longevity

I was recently interviewed briefly by Investius News about the impending retirement crisis. The video, posted on the Advisor Perspectives website, spotlights advisors’ views on what their clients see as the biggest risks to their retirement plans.  [More]

Interviewed by Marie Swift at the 2019 Morningstar Conference

I was recently interviewed by Marie Swift at the 2019 Morningstar Conference in Chicago (video)… [More]

Featured in The Kinder Institute of Life Planning Blog: Money and Meaning

I was recently included in the The Kinder Institute’s blog, Money and Meaning, in a post about how financial planners (good ones) take into account their client’s personal life goals into their financial game plan. [More]

Sheila Interviewed by Marie Swift of Impact Communications at ACP’s 2018 Annual Conference

Marie Swift of Impact Communications interviews ACP member and founder of Padden Financial Planning, Sheila Padden. Sheila first learned about the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners at a NAPFA conference. After attending an ACP conference, she quickly learned that ACP members were “her people.” Listen to Sheila’s comments in the video. [More]

Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business Financial Planning Workshop Presentation

I recently presented a Financial Planning Workshop in Chicago for Notre Dame Women Connect sponsored by Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. We had a great turnout, with 80 registered and 50 attending! There were lots of questions, note taking and a line afterwards for more information. Check out the photos!


Article Published at Notre Dame Women Connect

I recently had an article posted at ND Women Connect, an organization I had the privilege of  leading as National Chair until July of last year. The article is a reflection about reunions, having just attended my 40th this year. Reunion 2018 – my 40 year Reunion – wow! As my 40 year Reunion approached,… [Continue]