Article Published at Notre Dame Women Connect

I recently had an article posted at ND Women Connect, an organization I had the privilege of  leading as National Chair until July of last year. The article is a reflection about reunions, having just attended my 40th this year. Reunion 2018 – my 40 year Reunion – wow! As my 40 year Reunion approached,… [Continue]

Latest NAPFA Advisor Issue Features Planner Perspectives on Successful Budgeting

Author Linda Leitz’s latest article in the June 2018 NAPFA Advisor, features the perspectives of financial planners about educated budgeting. Sheila Padden shares her experience with a client couple describing an emotional struggle with spending within their means. After meeting with Sheila, the clients gained new control and confidence around budgeting and spending. [More]

Quoted in New Article at WSJ about The “Wealth Effect” and Low Savings Rate

Soaring stock prices and improving job prospects have set Americans off on a spending splurge that is cutting into how much they sock away for retirement and rainy days. Quote:

“More and more, people want to live now. Nobody’s going crazy; they might be taking a trip or considering a vacation home. It’s not extreme spending.” [More]

Quoted in Kiplinger Article about Financial Advice Options and Pricing

I was recently quoted at Kiplinger’s website in an article about the types of financial planning advice available to investors – and how pricing for those services works. A variety of planning service types are discussed in the article, with a description of the unique value that a fee-only financial planner provides. There’s even a helpful “flowchart” infographic that summarizes your options. [More]

Quoted in NAPFA Advisor Magazine on Life and LTC Insurance Issues

The May 2017 issue of NAPFA Advisor Magazine featured a story about life and long term care insurances and how they can dominate discussions between financial advisors and their clients, even more than health or homeowners’ insurance. Click to view a PDF copy of the full NAPFA Advisor article.  [More]