Best personal finance books – Sheila’s pick quoted in article recently posted a list of the top 7 best personal finance books, according to experts. The list, by Bankrate’s David McMillin, featured the reading suggestions of top financial planners, including Sheila Padden. Her favorite? [More]

Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Navigating the Maze

As the annual open enrollment season is now upon us, many of my financial planning clients over 65 are reviewing their Medicare options for 2021. I was recently quoted in a recent post at Financial Planning Magazine that tackles the common traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage dilemma that many retirees face. [More]

Social Distancing: How Are We All Doing?

The Notre Dame Senior Alumni Newsletter recently featured a discussion about social distancing, with news and quotes from Alumni about our new “normal”.  Happily, my new status as a grandmother to twins was mentioned, along with my comment about my experience about the lockdown. [More]

The need for comprehensive financial planning, not just advice recently featured a post discussing the value of a comprehensive financial planning strategy, instead of just advice. The article by Lee Barney, discusses the full context of financial and life circumstances that should play a central role in financial planning. Padden Financial Planning’s Sheila Padden offered her unique perspective on this subject as a Board Member for the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP), an organization of holistic fee-only financial planners.  [More]

Sheila discusses intergenerational asset transfers in a recent post

Padden Financial Planning’s Sheila Padden was recently quoted at, in an article discussing smart ways to gift assets in a tax-advantaged way. [More]