FinancialPlanning discusses RIA custody service changes. Sheila Padden weighs in.

A recent article by Jessica Mathews at FinancialPlanning describes a changing landscape for RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) when choosing an asset custodial service. Charles Schwab, the largest player in the market had some service speed bumps to overcome during its merger with TD Ameritrade. [More]

Quoted at Barron’s: How a “cash stash” can offer retirees peace of mind

A recent article at Barron’s spotlights how a Padden Financial client benefits from having a “cash stash” for peace of mind amid gyrating markets.  [More]

Featured at 5 steps to take with your money in 2021

January is always a great time to review your money management strategies, especially so this year. Along with advice from other financial pros, my take was spotlighted in a recent post at, listing five recommended steps to take for 2021. [More]

Best personal finance books – Sheila’s pick quoted in article recently posted a list of the top 7 best personal finance books, according to experts. The list, by Bankrate’s David McMillin, featured the reading suggestions of top financial planners, including Sheila Padden. Her favorite? [More]

Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Navigating the Maze

As the annual open enrollment season is now upon us, many of my financial planning clients over 65 are reviewing their Medicare options for 2021. I was recently quoted in a recent post at Financial Planning Magazine that tackles the common traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage dilemma that many retirees face. [More]

Social Distancing: How Are We All Doing?

The Notre Dame Senior Alumni Newsletter recently featured a discussion about social distancing, with news and quotes from Alumni about our new “normal”.  Happily, my new status as a grandmother to twins was mentioned, along with my comment about my experience about the lockdown. [More]