The need for comprehensive financial planning, not just advice recently featured a post discussing the value of a comprehensive financial planning strategy, instead of just advice. The article by Lee Barney, discusses the full context of financial and life circumstances that should play a central role in financial planning. Padden Financial Planning’s Sheila Padden offered her unique perspective on this subject as a Board Member for the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP), an organization of holistic fee-only financial planners.  [More]

Sheila discusses intergenerational asset transfers in a recent post

Padden Financial Planning’s Sheila Padden was recently quoted at, in an article discussing smart ways to gift assets in a tax-advantaged way. [More]

A practical example of the value of holistic financial planning

Kiplinger’s website recently posted an article about the annual health insurance open enrollment period, and how there may be more policy options available for 2020. The article, by Lisa Gerstner, spotlighted the many considerations that can weigh on this important financial decision.  [More]

Sheila Featured on AICPA’s Podcast: “The 3 Rs of The Retainer Model”

In this episode of AICPA’s (American Institute of CPAs) podcast, Sheila Padden shared her experience with the retainer fee model for her clients’ financial planning. Other CPAs also share their perspectives. [More]

Sheila Padden Shares Views on The Retirement Crisis

Do we face a retirement crisis? Most Americans may struggle financially in their golden years and clients report their biggest retirement concerns are healthcare and longevity. In this video, Steve Wendel of Morningstar and Advisor Sheila Padden share their experience with this important issue. [More]

Biggest Retirement Risks: Healthcare Costs, Longevity

I was recently interviewed briefly by Investius News about the impending retirement crisis. The video, posted on the Advisor Perspectives website, spotlights advisors’ views on what their clients see as the biggest risks to their retirement plans.  [More]