Featured in The Kinder Institute of Life Planning Blog: Money and Meaning

I was recently included in the The Kinder Institute’s blog, Money and Meaning, in a post about how financial planners (good ones) take into account their client’s personal life goals into their financial game plan.

Miriam was my roommate at the Kinder 5-Day training in Hana.  We have continued as life planning partners with Charley.  Charley was Miriam’s life planning partner at the 5-Day Hana training.  We were trained by George Kinder, the founder of Financial Life Planning, and Ed Jacobson, PhD. Miriam and Charley work at financial planning firms, and we all went to Hana to be trained in Financial Life Planning. Now we are providing Financial Life Planning for each other. Miriam and I have added it to our practices.

holistic financial planning

That’s me on the left. 🙂