Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: Navigating the Maze

Financial PlanningAs the annual open enrollment season is now upon us, many of my financial planning clients over 65 are reviewing their Medicare options for 2021. I was recently quoted in a recent post at Financial Planning Magazine that tackles the common traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage dilemma that many retirees face.

Sheila Padden, a planner and CPA who heads Padden Financial Planning, also tends to prefer Original Medicare plus a Medigap policy. “However,” she adds, “if cost is a very big concern, we will consider Medicare Advantage. Typically, the devil is in the details, so we will often reach out to Medicare specialists for their perspective.”

The article, by Donald J. Corn, also features the perspectives of other advisors that grapple with the same question for their clients. The article is a terrific overview of how a financial planner can assist with making the best health insurance choices in a complex market.

You can check out the full article here.