Quoted in The July 2015 NAPFA Advisor

I was recently quoted in the July 2015 issue of the NAPFA Advisor, by author Jennifer Lazarus in her “Efficient Planner” column. Jennifer’s topic is all about attending financial planning conferences, but she spotlights a few planners and talks a bit about how each approach attending industry events.

It’s an interesting insight into how a good financial planner improves her skills and stays on top of industry trends.

I try to be mindful as I allocate scarce resources and time to conferences. These are questions I ask myself before choosing to attend a professional event: Why am I attending? What do I want to get out to it? Who do I want to see and talk with? Is this my tribe? If not, can I learn and become better at what I do by exposure to this group?

Click here to view the whole article by Jennifer Lazarus (PDF).