Quoted in WSJ: Maximize Protection from Inflation with I Savings Bonds

The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted an often-overlooked low-risk investment that’s getting more attention with the current increase in inflation: the Series I savings bond, also known as inflation or I bonds. Sheila weighed in on this strategy, offering advice on how to maximize your I  bond benefit. [More]

Quoted at WSJ.com: Talking about Retirement Savings with Your Spouse

Sheila shared her perspective about the tensions that can arise when markets are volatile and spouses have differing risk tolerances. This common issue was spotlighted in a recent article posted at The Wall Street Journal.  [More]

When Millennials Move Back Home – Quoted at The Wall Street Journal

I was recently quoted in a recent article by Anne Tergesen of The Wall Street Journal about the growing phenomenon of Millennials returning home to live with their parents after college. For parents, a child’s return often means an increased financial burden, just as the parents may be struggling to meet their own savings and retirement goals.