A practical example of the value of holistic financial planning

Kiplinger’s website recently posted an article about the annual health insurance open enrollment period, and how there may be more policy options available for 2020. The article, by Lisa Gerstner, spotlighted the many considerations that can weigh on this important financial decision.

I’ve been working with Matt & Lori Murphy since 2013 as comprehensive financial planning clients. Our holistic approach regularly covers insurance review, especially around open enrollment and job changes. With Matt & Lori’s permission, I connected them with the reporter, Lisa Gerstner. At a recent meeting, we had just discussed Murphy’s health care coverage options with Lori’s new employer, and so I responded to the reporter’s press request. I was on the phone with the Murphys during the interview about their health care coverage and our consideration of the HSA option or PPO option.

This real-life example illustrates how holistic financial planning takes all aspects of a family’s financial decisions into account to create a personalized planning roadmap for clients.

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