Crazy season for advisers who prep client tax returns – Quoted at Investment News

At Padden Financial Planning, founder Sheila Padden made it easier on herself this year by bringing on a paraplanner “who loves tax preparation.” Now each tax return gets two sets of eyes on it, she said. “Tax preparation helps me with my tax planning work because it keeps me sharp,” Ms.Padden said. “The devil is in the details.” All of her regularly scheduled financial planning meetings from February through mid-April each year are tax focused. She’ll welcome her first post-tax-season meeting on April 20.

Recently Quoted at Investment News

Shiela Padden was recently quoted in an article that appeared at Investment News. Written by Liz Skinner, the article, “Forget The Empty Nest, Parents Now Fear The Costs of A Full One” spotlights the financial impact on parents when adult children confront a difficult job market post-graduation. [More]