Why I love being a part of the ACP Community – Video

Sheila discussed “Why I love being a part of the ACP Community” at the 2021 ACP Conference in Atlanta, GA, October 25-28, 2021. [More]

Sheila Padden Shares Views on The Retirement Crisis

Do we face a retirement crisis? Most Americans may struggle financially in their golden years and clients report their biggest retirement concerns are healthcare and longevity. In this video, Steve Wendel of Morningstar and Advisor Sheila Padden share their experience with this important issue. [More]

Sheila Interviewed by Marie Swift of Impact Communications at ACP’s 2018 Annual Conference

Marie Swift of Impact Communications interviews ACP member and founder of Padden Financial Planning, Sheila Padden. Sheila first learned about the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners at a NAPFA conference. After attending an ACP conference, she quickly learned that ACP members were “her people.” Listen to Sheila’s comments in the video. [More]